What Does Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery Mean? Full Details

Are you curious about USPS? Have you ever received a parcel with information that says it was delivered to the agent for final delivery? Have you ever tried to find out what that means? Doesn’t it sound weird that your package was delivered to some agent first instead of you? If you have ever got a parcel with USPS tracking details and you always wanted to know about it then you are in the right place because I am gonna talk about this topic in detail for my readers. So let’s jump into the details.

Delivered to the agent for final delivery” What does it mean?

You can’t stay home all the time. Sometimes your parcel gets delivered at a time when you are out. In this case, your order is given to some of your close relatives or friends. When your parcel is given to some other trustworthy person then it means delivered to the agent for final delivery. An agent is a person who takes the package on your behalf. They take your parcel and sign for USPS.

What is a USPS delivery agent?

This agent is the person who has taken the parcel on your behalf and now he is authorized to deliver the parcel to you. It could be your friends, roommates, or relatives. Keep in mind that they don’t hand over the parcel to a person who looks suspicious. 

Does USPS require the identity of the delivery agent?

When a package is delivered to an agent for final delivery the USPS does not require or confirm the agent’s identity. They just see the ID card of that person and they don’t hand over the package to anyone who doesn’t look trustworthy.

Can you track your package when it’s handed over to an agent?

When you track your parcel and it gives you info that it is delivered to the agent for final delivery but you have not received it, what to do now? Is your parcel misplaced? no, you don’t need to worry about it, you can still track where it is. When your package is given to an agent its barcode gets scanned by the postal worker. This contains a brief record of the time, location, and date on which it was delivered. If you want to get detailed information about your parcel then you can use two ways.

Take help from USPS customer service

1-800-275-8777 This is the customer service USPS provided on their website. You can call this number and ask them about the details of your package. They will guide you to where it is and how you can get it.

USPS app

Another way to get details about the package is to visit the official site of USPS. when you visit the site they will ask you to make an account. Once you make it you have to select the tracking option. There you have to enter the tracking number of your package. Then you have to select the blue button that will display every detail about what happened to your account.

What should you do when a parcel is delivered to an agent for final delivery but you can’t find it?

Things that you need to do in the first place include:

  • You can call your relatives or friends who can take orders on your behalf.
  • If it comes to your mind that it could be delivered to your office address then call your office.
  • If you have good contact with your neighborhood and they can receive on your behalf then ask them.
  • Lastly, when all efforts go in vain, call the company and ask them for details about it.


People always get confused about what being delivered to the agent for final delivery means if it happens for the first time. Then it is clear that you won’t miss your place as it must be handed over to some trustworthy person. If you are unable to find it you can simply contact the USPS company service to find the package.

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